Homeless man sees stray dog hit by car and jumps into action to save him

We can’t anticipate when an accident will occur, especially on the road. There may come a time when an animal would suddenly sprint in front of the car leaving the driving no room to react. When that happens, that person should at least take responsibility.

Sad to say, there are plenty of irresponsible drivers who would drive away without remorse, leaving the animal in a fatal condition. This is exactly what this homeless man from Mississippi witnessed one day.

One Friday afternoon, a homeless man happened to witness an unfortunate accident involving a young dog and a car. The dog was hit, but he luckily survived.



The homeless man tried to chase the car, but it kept on driving. He gave up and instead turned his attention to the injured dog. The dog couldn’t move both its hind legs, so the man scooped him up and carried him all the way to the nearest vet.


The vet asked the local animal shelter for their assistance.
Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) received a call from the vet asking if they could take care of the injured pit bull that they named Howard. ARF kindly accepted the request and took care of him. They began examining its injuries and see if they could save him.


It wasn’t too late to save the pit bull thanks to his rescuer.
“He has a back injury and a broken leg and will require a lengthy hospital stay,” said ARF.
If it weren’t for the man who took him to the vet, it might have been just too late.

Howard was sweet and calm too, so there would probably be no problems in finding the perfect home for him after his treatment. It took some time for his recovery, but with people’s efforts in donating through ARF, it was made possible.

More than a year had passed since he was taken by the homeless man to the vet, but Howard’s hind legs never recovered. He was then transferred to 3 Dogs Rescue, one of ARF’s northern partners.

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