Homeless Pup Struck By Speeding Train Loses Her Snout & Is Left For Dead

Joël Wareman loves his dog, Moaca, and looked forward to spending the holidays with his best canine friend by his side.

The 21-year-old man from the Netherlands never could have imagined the impact a dog could have on his life, but Moaca has taught him many lessons.

The most adorable dog was out and about when she was struck by a train. Veterinarians feared Moaca would not survive, but they didn’t realize the dog had a strong will to survive.The 18-month-old Romania street dog was a puppy when she was struck by a train and left for dead.

The German Shepherd/Husky mix was rushed to surgery thanks to the Nomad Vet Association. It took five hours to save the dog’s life, but Moaca pulled through.

Incredibly, she not only survived, but she is learning to live life like a normal dog. Joel says each day is a new experience and that Moaca is now famous on the TikTok social media platform.

In just a few weeks, Moaca went from homeless street dog to international canine superstar. Joel fell in love with the dog when he saw her online, and messaged the rescue group to try and make Moaca a part of his life. “I have a lot of contact with her rescuers and I always send them pictures and videos and sometimes they come to visit her,” Wareman shared.

Although she has no snout, Joel makes the necessary accommodations for her.

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