Horse Can’t Get Enough Of The Native American Flute Music

Horses are some of the most majestic and intelligent creatures that you are ever going to come across. They have the ability to appreciate life on a level that most of us can relate to.

Cruise the horse is definitely an appreciative creature. In addition to having a strong appreciation for music, Cruise also loves his owner. Marty Calhoun is his dad and he’s the one who has shared this awesome clip with us.

This horse provided Marty with one of the most appreciative audiences that he is ever going to have. In fact, we find ourselves wondering why our pets can’t offer us the same level of attentiveness. They run away any time they see people picking up musical instruments, but that is their loss! All jokes aside, this clip is absolutely beautiful.

His dad loves to play music for him, and with reactions like these? We would be putting on full concerts for our pal, Cruise, every day.

The best part of all is that the show is brought to the horse directly. He does not even need to buy a ticket or anything like that. Marty has got him covered – The horse gets a concert, right at his stall.

This is the sort of thing that we could get used to if we were him. The music that is being played here is also very unique and worth discussing further. This is not just any old song that Marty is playing for the horse. It’s a deeply meaningful tune and we are loving every second of it.


Native American flute music is only for the most advanced of ears! Of course, Cruise is more than happy to vibe out while Marty lets the notes fly.


According to Marty, Cruise is an Appaloosa (a Native American breed of horse). “A little factoid; his [Cruise’s] niece is the spotted horse that Leonardo Dicaprio rode in the movie The Revenant,” he shared.

The distinct sound that the flute makes is known as warbling. We are learning all kinds of new stuff today!

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