If man loves a dog, he is a good man

The men braved the cyclonic storm that toppled the city of joy to go and rescue the dog, who was terrified and perched upon the building parapet.
How much ever we say it, every one of us existing on this planet needs a bit of love, kindness, and compassion. It is both inherently received as well as taught to us by our families.

In the fast-paced lives, the three tenets of humanity may not be noticed as everyone is engrossed in their own lifestyle. Very rarely, such instances are known and appreciated.However, things become different when a tragedy strikes us. Be it a natural disaster or a pandemic, it is these three which help us keep our faith in humanity intact.

It makes us believe that there is a light ahead of the deep and dark tunnel we all are stuck in. That, is all just momentary.Cyclone Amphan has wreaked havoc on the eastern states of West Bengal and Odisha last week. The magnitude of destruction that it caused to land and life is unthinkable. Scores of households were living without the basic necessities.

The capital city of West Bengal, the city of joy Kolkata faced the brunt of it all. Streets were waterlogged and there was nowhere else to go.

With the human lives at stake during such times, one often forgets the damage it could do the animals who have nothing but just a street to live on. Not just stray dogs, sometimes, in the pursuit of getting out of such a situation, people often abandon their pets to fend for themselves.

It is during these times that compassion and kindness come in handy the most and some humans put their lives at stake to rescue a helpless and voiceless animal.

One such instance will win your heart instantly.

A video went viral recently where a dog is saving itself from the cyclonic storm and is perched up the building parapet, scared of its wits.

It was then when two men, who were angels in disguise for the dog, came in and tried to rescue the dog.

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