Inconsolable Service Dog’s Favorite Toy Is Discontinued So His Owner Gets Creative

Marley is a very good boy. In fact, he’s so good that he’s a service dog that works with kids that have autism. Marley’s mom absolutely adores him and thinks he’s a very good boy too. One day when they were at their local pet store, Marley laid eyes on a toy that would forever change his life.

The toy, a plush strawberry, was in Marley’s mouth before his mom could blink. She, of course, bought it for him. When they got home, Marley made it quite obvious that this was his new favorite toy. He played with it nonstop, slept with it, and carried it around with him.

The strawberry was basically Marley’s best friend. After a year, the toy had worn out a bit but Marley didn’t mind. He still loved it with all his doggy heart but his mom wanted to get him a new one. It had holes in it and looked a bit ragged.

Marley and his mom went back to the pet store and got some devastating news. They told her that Marley’s favorite toy had been discontinued. Her heart broke. If she could turn back time, she would’ve stocked up on the toys before this happened. The only thing Marley’s mom could think of doing was to make a post on Facebook and ask for help. She asked everyone that read the post to look out for the toy in case any strawberries were left over in another location.

The store manager from their pet store saw the Facebook post. The manager called Marley’s mom up and told her that they got their hands on two of the strawberry toys and would send them to her. She was overjoyed. But what happened next really knocked her off her feet.

The two toys arrived in a very large box. Marley’s mom was a bit confused at first. She opened the box and saw 20 strawberry toys inside. The manager had made some calls and was able to score 20 of Marley’s favorite toy.

Marley’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas. The entire story was shared online and everyone was over the moon for the deserving dog. Marley is now set for life with his favorite toy. We are so happy for him! He deserves all the strawberry plushies in the world!8

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