Injured Baby Deer Lies On The Ground All Alone On The Ground Until Dog Comes To Help

Dogs may be man’s best friend but that doesn’t mean they can’t care about other animals.
So when Zoey, an adorable puppy from Nashville, Tennessee, came across an ill fawn, she showered it with a good serving of love and care.The ill fawn wandered into the property where Zoey lives.But instead of treating it as an intruder, the pup might have sensed its fragility and helplessness.

Nashville musician and frontman of Miller Holler Pat Pollifrone captured the heartwarming episode.He shared on his Instagram account how his dog Zoey took care of the baby deer.It all started June 24 of this year when the fawn stumbled into his yard in Cheatham County. He shared a photo on social media with the caption:

“Found this little sweetheart yesterday in the yard so we took her into the woods. Came out this morning and she was laying in the driveway. So I guess we have a deer now.”They decided to name the little deer Bambi, the eponymous fawn in the animated movie made by Disney.According to his succeeding post, the fawn was in bad shape. The fawn wasn’t eating as much, it has an eye infection and some ticks.

Pollifrone decided to take the fawn under their care although he clarified that if she needs to go back to the wild, she’s free to do so:

Source: Instagram – @patpollifronemusic

“Bambi is in our care now. If she chooses to go back into the wild she is free to do so. Just helping the critter get on her feet. She has been drinking goat milk and walking around the yard today and the infection in her eye is looking a lot better after pulling the ticks and applying Neosporin. Any tips on caring for Bambi are appreciated!”

It was during this moment that Zoey stepped in. You can see the dog approach the fawn full of concern. Two days later, Pollifrone posted an update where Zoey can be seen cuddling with the recovering baby dear.

Source: Instagram – @patpollifronemusic

Pollifrone could only say “Words can’t describe this cuteness,” to describe the whole scene.
In the same post, he shared that he was trying to contact several animal rescue organizations. Unfortunately, one of the rescue shelters informed them that they weren’t “taking any newbies”. Meanwhile, he was also having a hard time contacting the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

During this time, Zoey stayed close to Bambi.

Source: Instagram – @patpollifronemusic

She was giving the fawn kisses and warmth, and the deer didn’t seem to mind the company as she recovered.

Fortunately, after days of trying, Pollifrone finally got Bambi a long-term home. The Gibson Hollow Goat Ranch took the fawn in which the musician shared in his Instagram post. In the post, Pallifrone panned his camera and showed the wide green fields that can give Bambi a chance to run around.

Source: Instagram – @patpollifronemusic

It might be a short-lived friendship, but it was heartwarming and adorable from start to finish.

Source: Instagram – @patpollifronemusic

It just proves that while dogs are man’s best friend, that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends with other animals too.

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