Lenny Kravitz Mourns Death Of Beloved Dog, Leroy Brown

Lenny Kravitz is heartbroken.On Monday, he shared with his friends and fans on Instagram that his beloved 11-year-old dog, Leroy Brown, had passed away.The rockstar referred to his longtime friend as a “true Bahamian Potcake,” which is a distinct breed of feral street dog in the Bahamas, according to Dogster. They are said to be intelligent and loyal dogs who form intense bonds with their humans.

Leroy Brown was this and so much more.The rescued dog “circled the globe” with Kravitz and his canine sibling, Jojo, who is also a rescued Potcake.The term “potcake”, which means leftovers of pea and rice stew, was used because Dogster says it is was what locals fed the strays.Leroy was always by his dad’s side. He accompanied him to the studio, on tour, and was often featured on Kravitz’s social media.

A video of the two headed to the studio to finish an album was posted on the songwriter’s YouTube Channel.Now that their journey has come to an end, Kravitz fondly remembers Leroy in a heartfelt post.“Thank you for sharing your life with me. You blessed me with unconditional love while watching me go through it all. You were next to me during my best and my worst,” he wrote.

“We circled the globe over and over together, teaching each other what we could. You were the best. A true Bahamian Potcake. Jojo and I are missing you deeply.”

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