Little Dog Is Above And Beyond Overjoyed To Go To Dog Park With Dad

Some people say the happiest place on earth is in a scorching theme park in California (a.k.a. Disneyland). But for more sensical earth-dwelling creatures, like Scrattie here, it’s most definitely the dog park.Why wouldn’t a dog park be the happiest place for Scrattie? He can run to his heart’s content in the grass, play with his dog park buddies, and maybe even play a game of fetch with his owner.

If he is feeling lazy, which we doubt from this video, he can even lay on the grass and get some sun.When you think about it, one might equate the dog park to a doggie version of Disneyland.Scrattie did not know he was going to the dog park that day. He was just along for the car ride with his owner. He watches the road curiously and quietly as they drive, but once the owner makes the familiar turn into the dog park, all bets are off.

The puppy just can’t hold his joy in anymore. He’s overwhelmed by it and makes sure dad isHe does not let out a normal bark but instead makes noises that only can be made through overwhelming happiness. He cannot wait to get out of that car and start playing at the park. He is sitting on the passenger’s lap but after he realizes he is going to the dog park the passenger has to try and hold on to him.

As soon as the wheel turns toward the dog park, Scrattie gets an energy boost from 1 to 10.

“Where are you Scrattie? Is this the dog park? Oh, does Scrattie like the dog park?”

Source: Rumble Viral – YouTube

Once Scrattie’s owner starts talking to him, Scrattie is unable to contain his excitement. He jumps into his owner’s lap even though he is still driving in the parking lot. Scrattie starts jumping all over his owner and wants out of the car ASAP.

Source: Rumble Viral – YouTube

Now it seems that Scratties owner can’t park fast enough for the overjoyed pooch.

Scrattie starts to give his owner all the kisses possible. This is the best way for dog to say thank you. He might be giving his owner kisses but he also has not stopped making excited noises too. Scrattie is so overwhelmed he does not know what to focus on. Should he focus on getting out of car, being vocal, or giving his owner some kisses?

Source: Rumble Viral – YouTube

If this is how he acts pulling into the park, we can only imagine what it’s like when he sets foot in it.
It must have been a chore to keep Scrattie from running out the door as soon as they opened it. At least he will be able to get all his energy out while having the best time. This friendly and happy puppy knows that he has arrived at his happiest place and cannot wait to enjoy it to the fullest.

Source: Rumble Viral – YouTube

It’s hard not to get as excited as little Scrattie when they’re pulling into the park. The pure joy emanating from every fiber of the pup is just too wholesome to withstand. And, after all, who would want to?

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