Little Dog Left On Road Asks To Be Rescued

At a very young age, this puppy already knows how being unloved feels like.
A rescue team spotted him walking aimlessly on the side of the road. While other dogs have green yards and parks to play in, this puppy only has unpaved sidewalks and water-filled potholes. While other dogs have fences and walls to protect them from the elements, this puppy hides close to the tangled overgrowth just at the edge of the road.

No water, no food, and no shelter – this was the state Fram the puppy was found in.
They know how badly this dog needs care but they cannot just walk up to him and pick him up. Different vehicles, from cars to trucks zoom by just beside the puppy and he might run towards them if he gets spooked.

To avoid this from happening, the team just sat a few feet away from the puppy.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Howl Of A Dog

They hope that it would make the dog much more comfortable around them. They meant no harm, but Fram doesn’t know that. All they could do is wait for him to understand their intentions.

The team behind the rescue is Howl Of A Dog. It is a small non-profit animal rescue organization based in Romania. They rescue abandoned, neglected, injured animals from the streets and overcrowded shelters. They also put these dogs to adoption both locally and internationally.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Howl Of A Dog

With curious eyes and a big yawn, Fram finally walks up to the team.
It took an hour for them to form this quiet bond but it was all worth it. Somehow, the puppy knew that these people were out here to help him and so he did an unexpected acknowledgment for their actions – he offered his paw.

The rescuers quickly went to work. Even from the start, they already noted how bad Fram’s shape was. He was mangy, with scabs and patches on his fur. His skin was covered with fleas and dotted with ticks already bloated with his blood.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Howl Of A Dog

They rushed him to a vet where he was checked thoroughly.
He may have felt how much these people cared about him and was on his best behavior throughout the process. He was given medicine and was bathed in special baths.

After undergoing the process, Fram looks and feels like a brand new dog. He’s more playful and energetic and does not even back down from dogs twice his size. He would go on top of his playmates, bite playfully, and tumble around to get their attention.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Howl Of A Dog

Just by looking at him, you’d know that he has a lot of love to give.

Eventually, things turn for the better. A family from the United Kingdom took notice of Fram. It might be far from the world he’s used to but it’s a place that he can finally call home.

Buzu was also found by Howl Of A Dog and was adopted by the same family. Like Fram, he was found on the streets and was in very bad shape. But thankfully, through the efforts of the organization and the love of their family, they can both live their lives to the fullest.

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