Lost dog finds way to her vets office for help getting back home

Dogs typically don’t like visiting the vet—some even recognize the route to the clinic and start panicking in the car.

But a good vet loves their patients no matter what, and are probably the most important human in their life outside their family, providing the important care they need.

And one heartwarming story shows how these doggie doctors can save the day, even in the most unexpected ways.

The story happened in Thailand earlier this month. A black dog, only four or five months old, ended up lost, all on her own with no idea how to get home.


But as he wandered around town, the smart dog came up with a plan.

While she was far from home, she still recognized how to get to his vets office: the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, where the pup had been receiving monthly vaccinations her whole life.


The dog headed to the clinic, and waited outside, hoping someone would recognize her and help her get home.

Luckily, the doctor’s assistant soon answered the door for the pup, and the vet recognized his patient.

Since he knew the dog’s owners, all it took was a simple call for the dog to finally be reunited with her family. The vet clinic posted the video on Facebook, saying the dog and his owner were “very happy to see each other.”

“Cute and very smart,” they said of the dog.

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