Mama Cat Melts 17M Hearts When She Meets Tiniest Newborn Puppy

While there are a vast array of different animal species on Earth, their differences mean very little to some species.So much so that different species will adopt babies of a different species.
This is even true for species like dogs and cats that are said to not get along. According to National Geographic, it’s an instinctual parenting thing.

In celebration of Independence Day, Texas Humane Heroes will be hosting adoption promotions all week long! Throughout…Posted by Texas Humane Heroes onWednesday, July 3, 2013“Instinctively animals take care of young to help them survive and therefore pass on the family DNA,” Jenny Holland, author of “Unlikely Friendships,” tells National Geographic.

“So I think there’s some hard wiring in there that leads them to offer care to another animal in need. If it isn’t a relative, there maybe some wires crossed, but I think the behavior comes from the same place.”One kitten on YouTube immediately took to a newborn puppy when presented with the baby.

The adorable moment was caught on video and posted on YouTube where it received more than 17 million views.
The video starts with a lady in a red sweatshirt holding a squealing little newborn puppy in a towel.

Source: LundKids – YouTube

The woman coos and says sweet things to it before walking over to a cat sitting in a cardboard box with her kittens.

I love how the box, which has a blanket at the bottom, has a picture at the top of one of its walls that looks like a little kid drew it specifically for the cat.
It’s adorable! Mom instinctually moves closer to her kittens that are in the box.

The lady then leans over to let the cat sniff the puppy.

Source: LundKids – YouTube

She seems curious about the puppy and maybe even interested.
Meanwhile, the little puppy is just squirming and squealing around.

“Look, she wants it,” someone says off camera.

That’s when the lady decides to plop the puppy down into the box with the kittens.
“I wanna see if she licks it!”

The kittens seem a bit overwhelmed and their mom is a little confused too, letting out a tiny meow.

It doesn’t take long for the mom’s instincts to kick in.

She moves so that she can shield her kittens as the nervous puppy scampers around a bit.
But she then curls up to make sure that both the kittens and this new puppy are scooped up in her motherly embrace.

As soon as she does this the puppy stops squealing and calms down a bit. It seems as if she’s officially decided to adopt this puppy as one of her own.

Millions of people watched the video and many commented too.
“I love how the cat just had the natural instinct to take care of the little puppy even though she understands it’s not a cat. She just recognized he was small and fragile so she wanted to take care of it,” one commenter wrote.

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