Mama Cri es Out, Puts Complete Trust In People Who Show Up To Help Her Puppy

Animal Aid Unlimited received word of a wounded puppy on the side of the street and set out for rescue. When they got there, the mother was right by his side crying out for help. She was standing guard and looking out for her young one but knew she couldn’t save him alone. She understood rescuers were there to help and put her complete trust in them.

One of the rescuers picked up the puppy, and when he cried out in pain Mama did too. Papa also got worried and seemingly came out of nowhere to see what was going on. Animal Aid carefully transported the tiny pup back to their vehicle to get him to the hospital.


It turned out the pup had two deep puncture wounds on his shoulders, but he was very brave through it all. He desperately tried and wanted to walk on his own, but he couldn’t do it quite yet.

He would need more rest, food, and love.

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