Mama Deer Comes Running Out Of The Woods To Help After She Hears Crying Newborn

In New Lexington, Ohio, a baby cried so hard that he called an unexpected visitor to his rescue.

Hanna Burton was watching over her son as he enjoyed his “tummy time” on the deck. Then, just like all babies do, he started crying when he got a bit fussy.

The 24-year-old mom consoled the little baby by rubbing his back but his cries have reached the ears of another mother.

It could’ve been just another ordinary day but something unusual happened.
After she noticed movements, Burton turned her camera towards the treeline. There, she saw a doe hurriedly leaping towards them. With her maternal instincts kicking in, Burton quickly picks up her baby just in case the doe tramples on.

Her ears were perked and her posture was alert. It seemed like she ran towards the crying with the intent of protecting the “animal” in distress.

In her video that has garnered over 20 million views, Burton can be heard speaking to the doe, mother to mother:

“Oh no, no, no! This is my baby. This one’s my baby. It’s not yours. Hi, momma. She thinks you’re her baby.”

This bizarre encounter elicited hilarious comments on her video.

One of them said, “So you’re telling me I can use my baby as a deer call?”

Source: TikTok Screenshot – @hannaburton

Another said:

“Gil your child is a magical being and they most definitely summoned that deer.”

Burton was also criticized on why she and her baby were lying on the deck in the first place. Some of them said that the hard floor made the baby uncomfortable.

Because of this, Burton had to upload a follow-up video to defend herself.

“For those moms shaming me on my last video, saying I deserve to have my baby taken for laying him on a hard deck. It’s not hard, it is padded, very much. Charlie boy loves laying out here, he’s content. He’s not hurt. He was crying because he was on his belly and couldn’t roll over, and tummy time is also crucial, so don’t shame me on that either. Say we like it out here, huh Charlie boy. No deer today.”

Source: TikTok Screenshot – @hannaburton

People also shared why the deer came running out of the woods and towards where the baby is.
They explained that deers can identify sounds of distress, especially from smaller animals, and treated Burton’s baby boy as such.

This claim is further supported by a recent study from biologists Susan Lingle from the University of Winnipeg, and Tobias Riede from Glendale Arizona’s Midwestern University.

Source: TikTok Screenshot – @hannaburton

They said that a mother deer will rush toward distress calls made by other infant animals, regardless of species, like fur seals, domestic cats, and marmots.
They elaborated that the quality of distress calls among mammals might be common across a range of species and can thus trigger the maternal instinct to respond to such calls.

However, we can always wish that Burton’s son has a unique ability to call forest critters to his rescue.


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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