Man dives into cold waters and rescues dog that was wrapped in a rope

A 24-year-old man went viral for saving a puppy that was dangerously caught in an old rope. In order to stay afloat and not drown on the surface of the water, he held the old rope with all his strength, which at the same time made him sink.The owner of this beautiful dog named Gus had no idea what was happening. He realized that his dog, which apparently was just having fun in the water, had gotten stuck on an old rope and was having a hard time staying afloat.

Paddy Bond was watching the scene and immediately jumped into the water as soon as he understood the desperate situation.  A 24-year-old rugby player from the local team immediately jumped into the icy water. He grabbed the dog and pulled it off the old rope it was on; eyewitnesses told Belfast Live, “The dog got stuck on the rope while swimming. The owner said his pet loved to swim, and we all thought the dog was stubborn and didn’t want to let go of the rope, but when Paddy saw his hind legs, he seemed to be stuck”.

Gus was initially paralyzed by the cold, after a few minutes and finally on land, he seemed to be fully recovered.

The 24-year-old hero, after the miraculous rescue, said: “If he had been my dog, I would have done the same (…) the rope was tied on his hind legs and tried to stay afloat by biting the other end, so he got more and more stuck each time I pulled him away.

It wasn’t the best time to take a bath, but I’m glad I helped the poor puppy!”.

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