Man Goes Searching For His Dog In Woods And Finds Two Puppies Trapped In Sealed Aquarium

Many of us don’t know where we’d be without our pets.But while most humans live in harmony with animals, there always has to be a small number of people who let us all down.This next story has us shocked and deeply saddened. A man named Matt Williamson was out looking for his dogs in his hometown of Hinds County, Mississippi when he came across something disturbing.

Abandoned next to a creek was an aquarium with its lid cemented shut. Inside, there were two tiny puppies.
Naturally, the puppies were incredibly frightened, and Matt knew that he had to act quickly to get them out of there. Who knew how long they had been in there for already?

It was unclear how the puppies had got there, but one thing was for sure: this was an incredibly malicious and disgusting act done by a heartless human.“I could see these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they need help,” Matt told 16WAPT News. “They sent them here to drown. They wanted these puppies to drown.”

Matt called Mississippi Animal Rescue League, who quickly arrived on the scene to free the puppies. They then took them back to the rescue shelter to give them some much-needed love and care.

Back at the shelter, the puppies still seemed incredibly frightened.
Since they had been mistreated so badly, they were wary of the kind humans at the shelter and stuck with each other for comfort. Adorably, one of the puppies even put his arm around the other to keep him close.

The dogs’ health was assessed by a vet, and miraculously, they seemed to be okay, apart from a slight fever. This was likely to have been caused by stress.

“We think they are a little feral (and) not used to human handling. They were running a fever, about 103, or so. Our standard procedure is to put them in a quiet place, number one, because of their temperature, and number two, their stress level,” MARL Director Debra Boswell said.

Since the dogs were brought into the rescue shelter, their lives have thankfully changed for the better! In a now-deleted post, the shelter shared a picture of the two puppies about to move into their new forever home.

Since they had such a difficult start to life and had become reliant on each other, it’s lovely to see that these puppies were adopted together.
“Yep, the aquarium pups are going to their new home. Thanks for everyone’s donations and support for these pups!!” The shelter wrote in their caption.

And that’s not the only update we received! That same year, on National Dog Day, the shelter posted a collage of adorable photos of the two puppies – who are now grown up and named Roxie and Jackson!

“Remember the Aquarium dogs? Well, they are now beach bums! The Glinsky Family is taking them on tons of adventures, and we are so happy for them. They are super happy and loving life!” The shelter wrote.
What an incredible transformation!
We’re so glad that these two puppies got the happy ending they deserve, and we really hope that the person who so cruelly abandoned them was caught and punished for what they did.



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