Man Reunited With His Dog 10 Years After It Went Missing

Losing a pet is devastating. As the days turn to weeks, months, and eventually years, it’s easy to lose hope that you’ll never see your furry companion ever again.

Some pet owners eventually receive the call they’ve been waiting for: Their pet has been found! Sometimes it happens within a few hours or days, but sometimes it takes years to come – if it ever comes at all.

One man knows the pain of losing a pet and waiting to hear back, only to come up empty-handed after painfully and diligently searching. It seemed his dog would be lost forever, but after 10 years, he got the call he’d dreamed.

According to a Facebook post by the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, Mr. C lost his dog, Samson, 10 years ago.

Naturally, he was heartbroken and did everything he could to find Samson. Despite his best efforts, his dog seemed to be lost forever.

Long after he’d given up all hope of ever seeing his beloved dog again, he received a call that Samson had been found! Naturally, Mr. C was shocked and immediately rushed to see if it was truly his Samson.

The dog had been brought into the shelter in poor condition. Before receiving treatment, he was scanned for a microchip, which is how they were able to locate and notify his owner, Mr. C.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services explained in their post, “We brought Samson into our care last month along with six other abandoned dogs he had been with. He was in pretty rough shape, dirty and covered in fleas. Before he was able to get treatment, he was scanned for a microchip – and we found one! Mr. C was shocked to hear that Samson had been found, and rushed over to ACS.”

They explained that Mr. C was naturally anxious to see his dog after so long, he wasn’t even sure if Samson would remember him.

When he got to ACS, he kneeled by Samson’s cage and whispered, “Samson, it’s me. Do you remember me? They took the better years from us.”

Mr. C was on the verge of tears reuniting with his friend after so long, and they can now spend the rest of Samson’s life together.

In the post, they also emphasized the importance of micro-chipping pets. Without an up-to-date microchip, Samson and Mr. C may have never found each other again. They said, “We don’t know what happened to Samson all of those years, but the power of microchips holds true.”

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