Man Sets Up Camera At Natural Log Bridges And Captures All Walks Of Life

Our story today is about an avid outdoorsman from Pennsylvania, Robert Bush Sr., who wanted to show the world why he loves the outdoors so much and motivate people to venture into the wild.Bush who actually runs the Facebook page, “Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera”, decided to place a hidden camera next to a log bridge near his home.

The camera that ran throughout the year recorded different wild animals crossing the river, using the log bridge.With his video, Bush was able to demonstrate how wild animals acted in the natural habitat when they thought there was nobody around.Bush’s video which was originally shared on his Facebook page around two years ago, was quickly picked up by news stations like WSLS, and fast became viral with more than 14 million views.

Many viewers rushed to comment on the video and praise Bush’s work. One wrote, “This man deserves funding to continue whatever is going on in this log video”, while another said, “It’s crazy how people build highways and construct interstates, while here an entire ecosystem can rely on a fallen tree.”

It’s really spectacular to see all the different wild animals that passed through that log bridge over the span of a year. Bush actually listed on the end credits all the animals featured in the video, such as bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers.

Source: Robert Bush Sr.

And true to his word, Bush didn’t disclose the location where the video was recorded, therefore the viewers weren’t informed at any point about where that beautiful log bridge was. As a consequence, the animals seen in the video weren’t in any way endangered.

Source: WSLS/ YouTube Screenshot

As you can see in the video which ran both day and night, the bridge’s visitors belonged to different animal families and they were truly mesmerizing!

Pennsylvania is really popular for its wild landscapes and it’s a really natural heaven for all those who love spending time outdoors.

Source: WSLS/ YouTube Screenshot

According to a travel website, Pennsylvania is “Home to millions of acres of unspoiled forests and mountains, this region seems to be built for fishing, hiking, kayaking, and outdoor activities.”

Source: WSLS/ YouTube Screenshot

So, you can easily understand Bush’s fascination with this wild landscape.

Source: WSLS/ YouTube Screenshot

The first video was such a success that Bush decided to make a second video that he called “Pennsylvania Wildlife on the Log2, Log & the Ridge Log”, which he uploaded back in April. In this video again we can see how different wild animals make their way across the river using the log bridge.

Source: WSLS/ YouTube Screenshot

We have to admit that the spot seems really popular with the wildlife. Hopefully, Bush will continue to share with the rest of the world these great videos that truly function as a window to a totally different world.

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