Man Takes A Naps With Four Orphaned Bears To Help Them Fall Asleep

Jim Kowalczik is a dedicated keeper at the Orphaned Wildlife Center (OWC) in Otisville, New York.His days are full and tiring, between giving back rubs to Jimbo, a 1,500 pound Kodiak bear and playing with Jenny and
Amy, two Syrian brown bears, he needs a nap every now and again.

He had the little sleep on a pile of hay, cuddling up with four rescued Syrian bears.Jim has formed such a strong and unique bond with the bears over the course of the 10 years they have been at the center.They were rescued from a breeding programme and cannot be released back into the wild so now live at the center permanently.

Jim and his wife Susan founded the center in the 1990s mainly as a rehabilitation program for bears who were orphaned.As soon as they heard about a family of Syrian bears who needed a home, they took them in.More than 10 years on, the bears grew into happy and healthy adults at the OWC and have made a real friend with Jim.


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