Mom Dog Teaches Her 8-Week-Old Babies To Be Calm Before Milk Time

Motherhood of furry animals is not easy at all, especially when they have more than one baby. How to let them be breastfed at the same time or let them calm down before milk time is a big task. The mom dog in this video has made an excellent job. Her puppies follow her order before she breastfeeds them. Keep scrolling!

When the owner of the mom dog opened the metal safety gate door to let her come in and breastfeed her puppies, one “gang” bumped into her. The mom dog was surrounded by these guys and couldn’t move any step. She couldn’t also feed them in that situation. And this got her irritated. She decided to teach them to be calm down.


How? She tried to be aggressive to her puppies, letting them know that she was very angry.

Image: Screenshot

As you could see, the cutie gang immediately ran into somewhere else and lied down. But they still tried to inch closer to their mom, pretending that she didn’t notice.


After a while, the puppies all became good children and the dog mom started cuddling all, letting them know that she always loves them. This is the perfect time to breastfeed her babies.


Every family needs its own rules. With these, all family members can live in harmony.

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