Mom Offers Baby Treat To Say ‘Mama’… Until Dog Says It First!

A baby’s first words is a precious moment. Of course, the parents want it to be “mom” or “dad” as a way to show just how much the baby loves them. As a result, it usually becomes a race between parents to see if they can get their baby to say their name first. This mom and dad were on a mission to get their baby to say “mama,” offering the baby a treat to say the word. The baby’s not quite ready yet… but the dog certainly is!

This Australian Shepherd Dog is about as smart as it gets. He listens intently and attempts to repeat until, believe it or not, the dog says “mama!” Who would have thought you could get a dog to say its first words, too? Wait for the special moment towards the end of the video; the dog is figuring the word out slowly, and finally gets it. This dog deserves all of the treats in the world for a feat like this!
Dog Says “Mama” Before Baby

The baby isn’t too happy about the dog taking his spotlight, and gives the dog a face palm! The baby must be thinking, “Hey, stop taking my spotlight!” We’re so used to seeing inspirational videos of dogs and babies being the best of friends, but these two have a little competition going on.

For those concerned that this genius dog didn’t get his treat for such an amazing feat, fear not! The mom and dad posted a separate video showing the dog getting a treat. Sam Giovanini said on YouTube, “For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog from ‘Dog Says Mama, Baby Can’t’ didn’t never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night.”

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