Mom Worried Obsessed Cat Will Find Way Into Baby’s Crib At Night Has Her Suspicions Confirmed

When his human sister Maddy was born, he decided to take on the role of her guardian angel.
And Nacho chooses to stick by Maddy no matter what. That’s because he truly loves her so much.“Because she’s a baby, she can be a bit rough with Nacho she can swat at him pull on his fur too roughly or she’ll grab his face.

And he just sits there and takes it cuz he loves her,” Nacho and Maddy’s mom Simone explains. “He’s the perfect cat for her because he’s so patient. He doesn’t walk away or act in defense at all. Either way, I never let them interact unsupervised.”Nacho needs to make sure that Maddy is happy and safe at all times.It is his pleasure to do so. And he likes to seal the deal with little cat kisses.

“He follows her everywhere. He’ll lay next to her when he’s jumping in the bouncer. He’s laying next to her when she eats at the table or is drinking her bottle. He’s always right there,” mom tells The Dodo.From day until night, Nacho is by Maddy’s side“Nacho is pretty much a part of the bedtime routine. He will sit next to the bath he joins us into the nursery he climbs up onto the rocker to read a book with us. If he could he would definitely sleep the night with her in the crib,” Simone explains.

Since Nacho is such a cuddly cat, Simone was worried that he might try to jump into the baby’s bassinet so he could sleep with her.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what Nacho did.

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When mom took a peek on the video monitor, there Nacho was cozied up with a sleeping Maddy.

Now, Nacho had to get sneaky about being Maddy’s guardian of slumber.

Source: The Dodo – Facebook

“As I’m laying Maddy in the crib for sleep, Nacho sneaks underneath the crib. Anywhere where I couldn’t see him,” Simone says.
Once Maddy grows out of the bassinet, it will likely be gifted to Nacho as his new bed.

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Until then, Simone’s still going to have to find a way to prevent these two from having their unsupervised slumber parties.

“Nacho is her best friend. Nacho believes that he’s her guardian angel because he watches over her every day. They are so close in age that they’re growing up together,” Simone explains.

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And Simone thinks that is a good thing.

“Her bond with Nacho will have a positive impact on her personality and her development,” mom says.

Source: The Dodo – Facebook

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