Monkey That Looks Like Stuffed-Toy Animal Can’t Get Enough Berries

Everyone knows that monkeys love to eat. However, it turns out that there is so much more on the menu than just bananas. That’s what we learned in a recent viral video of a golden snub-nosed monkey chowing down on some tasty berries.The goofy monkey impressed viewers around the world with both his incredible cuteness and his incredible appetite.

Plus, there is also the fact that he looks like a stuffed toy animal. His appearance resembles something out of a cartoon movie and everyone absolutely loves him for it.It all begins when the cameraman starts feeding the monkey berries.“He is like: ‘Don’t be shy, put some more’,” jokes YouTube commenter Avery the Cuban-American.The monkey throws his hands up in the air instantly demanding another one.

“Where are the rest of them, bro? There is no way that’s all of the berries!?”

One berry, two berries, three berries, four.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The main thing that this golden snub-nosed monkey wants is more.

Berries are a delicious treat for a monkey that is used to snacking on nothing but leafy greens all day.
In another video, we see a different golden snub-nosed monkey that demonstrates this habit quite well. It devours a handful of leaves in about thirty seconds.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The golden snub-nosed monkey is an endangered species that is only found in the wilds of southwestern China.
They live way up in the Tibetan Plateau where their habitat range extends as high as 13,123 feet. These monkeys often live in the snow for up to four months out of the year!

Due to the extreme elevations, they’ve had to develop a really thick coat of fur, which is part of what makes them so cute to us silly humans. Their fluffy fur, from our perspective, gives the monkey features similar to a plush stuffed animal! The golden snub-nosed monkey looks so huggable!

Although, if you were to encounter one of them in the wild or in a zoo, it’s still important to approach with caution.
Like all primates, golden snub-nosed monkeys can be unpredictable and are much stronger than they appear at first glance. We need not mention the risks involved in feeding them either. Only professionals that are trained in dealing with wildlife species should ever attempt to feed berries to one of these beautiful monkeys.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

All in all, though, this one seems pretty chill.
As he meanders along the sidewalk, he demands more and more berries. After each bite, he throws up his hands, asking for another.

As an herbivore, the golden snub-nosed monkey loves a diet rich in fruits, buds, leaves, and flowers. All things healthy and sweet, it can’t get enough of!


When things get dire, the golden snub-nosed monkey often eats pine needles and lichen from tree bark, or even the tree bark itself. In the heart of the winter, imagine four long months of this. That’s probably why he gets so excited upon the sight of the berries. For him, they are like a delicacy.

Some people on YouTube noticed something else as well.

“He looks like he’s going to give a fist bump and say ‘thanks bro’ before walking away,” says commenter Mable Valley.

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