Oklahoma City Zoo Announces The Birth of A Giraffe Calf

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden are welcoming an endangered male giraffe calf.

The baby was born on 3rd May, 2021. The new giraffe calf does not have a name yet. Nonetheless, the male calf is doing well and is healthy and strong. Moreover, according to the zoo, he weighs around 157 lbs and stands tall at 6’1ft.

He was born to 20-year-old Ellie and 4-year-old Demetri at the habitat barn. The little guy is busy spending time with his mother and interacting with other herd members. This is indeed an important milestone for the zoo.

Another exciting event for the zoo is that Julu, who is Ellie’s daughter is also expecting her first calf.

Tract Dolphin-Dress, the curator of Hoofstock and Primates at the zoo says, “Witnessing Ellie and Julu experience pregnancy together has been the greatest joy and we’re thrilled to watch our herd grow with the addition of this little calf. This birth is critical for the conservation of this endangered species and a true testament to the importance of the Zoo’s involvement in collaborative breeding efforts.”

Giraffes are native to East and South Africa. International Union for the Conservation of Nature listed them endangered. The threat is due to illegal poaching and habitat destruction. According to the zoo, there are only 111,000 giraffes in the wild.

Thus, the zoos success with the birth of a new calf is a critical one.

The gestation period for the species is 15 months. Additionally, baby giraffes can stand within an hour of their birth if they are born healthy.

Moving forward, an interesting fact about the species is their spots. They are the same as human fingerprints. No two giraffes have the same spots, it’s what makes them unique.

Both males and female giraffes both have two hair covered horns which are called ossicones.Furthermore, they only require 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in a day.Oklahoma City Zoo’s efforts to conserve the species is greatly valued.

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