Old dog runs away from home to visit neighbors

This dog stands at the door every morning, but to begin with, this is not even his home. This is Oliver, a 14-year-old golden retriever who is incredibly adventurous. Even at his age, he gets up early in the morning to stroll around the area. He was once described as “a very consistent dog with a strict schedule.”

But then again, he’s not as healthy as he used to be, so it takes every minute to land. He was so popular in the area that he just walked into the homes of the people he visited. He was full of enthusiasm, and some dogs even secretly dragged him into the house. Oliver, as he is described, personifies the spirit of the neighbor’s old man.

It’s like one of those who comes right away and makes the most of all friends. When the dogs run to the door, wagging their tails enthusiastically, it simply means: Mr. Oliver is in town.Each place is its own place.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

He can walk into someone’s kitchen, sit in front of the refrigerator and wait for someone to give him the treats he deserves and his pet. Melissa, one of the elderly dog’s frequent neighbors, shared that he has lived nine years since she and her family moved here.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Over the years, he has become a part of her morning. He will arrive at 7:15 am. or 7:30 am. Visit times may vary, but he is okay as long as he does it before breakfast. But when it came time to go home, Oliver was also very punctual. He stood in front of the door, silently asking Melissa to open it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

dinner time. Take the same route at the same time every day.Melissa and Oliver’s mother Sue teamed up to raise this elderly dog. Sue knew that Oliver had a passion for roaming ever since, and as the older dog, they gave him the opportunity to be the dog he wanted to be.

To add an extra layer of security to their daily life, they also installed a GPS device so they can know where he is at all times. Since then, it has developed into a local institution. Sue shared that the neighbors would call her. And they said Oliver stopped by his house, went out for coffee with his family, birthdays with someone else, and even happy hour at five o’clock.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – The Dodo

Your dates may be slightly different, but one thing remains the same – if it’s already 6:00 pm, it’s time to go home. Melissa confessed to Dodo that Oliver helped them keep track of the time, especially when the pandemic shook our schedules. to touch people’s lives and make their day a little better.”I am so grateful to someone who loves our dog as much as we do.” Sue shared with Dodo.

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