Owner Helps Beagle Puppy Learn How To Howl In The Cutest Way

Getting a new puppy means lots of training to ensure the puppy grows up to be a loyal, gentle best friend for life. Starting young is important to ensure the training becomes an integral part of the puppy’s personality as it gets older. Usually that training is focused on obedience, such as sit, stay, heel, and house training.

It’s important to ensure new puppies have fun, too, and finding special bonding moments are the ones you’ll remember forever.Dog owner Michael recently added a beagle puppy to his family, and found the cutest way to bond with it. At just eight weeks old, Michael taught Moose, his beagle puppy, the art of howling!

With a little bit of encouragement and a very important demonstration, Moose the Beagle picked up his innate sense to howl with flying colors, and in a very adorable way.You can tell that Moose really is copying the behavior of his human owner. It’s amazing just how much dogs want to please their humans. They truly are man’s best friend!

Next time you’re looking to teach your dog a new trick, remember that showing is the best teacher. Your dog will copy your behavior in no time, just like Moose!

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