Pearl The Pittie Loves The Pool

How have you been keeping cool this summer?

If you’re like me, you’ve been wishing you had a pool to enjoy the long summer days and float around in.

If you’re like Pearl the pittie, you’ve been doing exactly that and having a blast!

Pearl originally went viral for her antics and the exasperated reactions of her mom, Alicia. There’s nothing Pearl loves more than water!

She can usually be found floating in the pool with a toy in her mouth, doggy-paddling around with a goofy grin, or swimming laps.

Alicia, who posts Pearl’s antics to TikTok on the @mysoulisart account, shares that Pearl’s love of the pool can occasionally be a bother when she jumps right in after a bath or pleads with her best puppy-dog face to go for a swim early in the morning.

Still, the look of pure joy on Pearl’s face when she’s in the water makes it all worth it.

Pearl loves playing catch in the pool as well, watching eagerly as the ball is held poised above her head, and paddling off energetically (and adorably) as soon as it’s tossed.


Once, Alicia made a fountain for Pearl using the family’s garden hose, and her reaction was ecstatic!


I think the real lesson here is that we should all try to find something in our lives that makes us as happy as water makes Pearl


— the world would definitely be a better place!

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