Pit Bull Falls In Love With Kittens And Decides To Be Their Foster Dad

Humans are not the only creatures that adopt poor babies.

Our animal friends are no exception. Not only do they adopt babies of others, but they also adopt babies of other species.

Guinness is a pit bull dog who was pushed off to the side by his mom when he was born. He was about half the size of all the other puppies. Everyone thought that he couldn’t survive, but his owner didn’t believe that. She brought him home and tried her best to care for him.

Thankfully, Guinness started getting healthier and stronger. He started developing this extra sweet and extra spunky side. Now he grows up to be a big and handsome dog. Despite his giant size, he is still sweet, gentle, and cute.

One day, his owner brought two little kittens home, and Guinness was quickly obsessed with them. He loved them and decided to be their foster dad and mom.

“He’d come and lick them all over. He’d watch very intently as I fed them. He would just kind of sit on my bed making sure everything was OK. Always had an eye on

It’s like motherly instincts came out of Guinness even though he didn’t have an actual mom dog. We also think that Guinness is raising the kittens just the way he was raised.

Be physically affectionate and emotionally nurturing with your own babies or pets and they will also grow up to be good parents. The world will be a better place.

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