Pit Bull Won’t Go To Sleep Until Owner Sings Him A Lullaby

Some parents read a bedtime story to their children so that their kids will drift off to sleep. Other parents will sing their tots a lullaby before bed. What’s good for human parents is good for dog parents too. A sweet Pit Bull being serenaded by a lullaby is sweeping the Internet.

The sweet boy is all nuzzled in his kennel with his toy close to his heart. He stares longingly at his owner who is doing the recording. What could this sweet doggo want? A treat? A kiss? A final walk around the block? Nope, he wants his dad to sing him a goodnight lullaby.

Source: YouTube

As the owner belts out his rendition of a song called ‘Angel,’ the dog smiles, tenderly looks at him, and then his eyes start to get heavy.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

He can barely keep his eyelids open, and you can see a sense of calm and peace come over the beautiful pooch.

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