Pitbull and her new kitten sister meet for the first time

It is always cute to see a big animal get along with a small animal. However, meeting for the first time is also very troublesome, because you are not sure how these two animals will react. Will they get along? Don’t they want to have any relationship with each other? Fortunately, this lady turned on the camera for their meeting because it became the cutest scene ever!

If you are looking for a lot of warmth and blur, this lens will definitely succeed. YouTube user 1984missdaisy is the pet mother of a cute dog named Licious. One day, she was a little surprised by that dog… She adopted a kitten! In order to let the two understand each other, she put the kitten under Lithers’s hands to meet.

Right now, Kitty seemed to be curious about this huge dog and her huge paws! The kitten sniffed, touched, and then began to play with the bulldog’s paws.

In response, Licious just looked at her with tender eyes. She was motionless and didn’t seem to bother her at all! Her master then asked: “What did that kitten do to you, mother?”

From this point of view, the video will only become sweeter.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The dog’s tail began to wobble, and her tongue began to prepare for kissing! The dog couldn’t help it anymore and began to bathe the kitten with licking hair. It is so precious to watch this dog behave so sweetly to her new siblings. However, it seems that her maternal instinct is emerging, and she tries to take care of her as if she was taking care of herself. An audience commented: “When the kitten licks her belly and back, your pitbull behaves like the kitten’s mother. This is how they encourage the baby to go to the bathroom.”

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This seems to be a lovely friendship made in heaven.

The kitten doesn’t seem to be scared at all, and enjoys playing with the “funny feet” of her huge friend. On the other hand, this dog has a new little guy to take care of.

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Wow, thank you mom! Although some people believe that dogs and cats can indeed form a strong bond (or learn to tolerate each other). According to the AKC, even certain dog breeds are “usually suitable for cats”, such as Beagle Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Pugs, etc.

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However, with good introduction, socialization, and training, most breeds can get along with cats in harmony. Licious loves kissing and cleaning her partner so much that the pet owner decides to intervene and stop her. The woman said: “Lish, lick enough. Lish, stop kissing!” All good things usually end at some point. But in this case, this is a warm scene that many of us could have watched for longer!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

One commenter jokingly wrote: “When told’stop kissing anymore’, the dog would say without expression:’B-but it’s too cute. Why not? ;__;'” “Pit is like’I don’t remember having a puppy, but I think this strange-looking one is mine now.'”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The video of the two meeting has been watched more than 12 million times! These two little cuties already have a very good relationship and it is obvious that they will have a great time together!

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