Puppy Shares His Dinner With Wild Raccoons

A little puppy was eating dinner, and he was joined by three wild raccoons!

Dogs are some of the most loving, generous animals on the planet, and the little things they do go to prove just that. There are regularly stories of dogs saving people, fostering animals of other species, and doing the kindest things.

One little puppy in Barnesville, Ohio, showed his generous heart by sharing his food with some fellow animals.

The puppy, named Chief, was caught on video eating his evening meal. However, he wasn’t dining alone. He was sharing his dog food with three wild raccoons!

According to ViralHog, Chief’s owner explained that the pup does “everything” with his “wild raccoon pals.”

“Does Chief think he is a raccoon too?” they asked.

Raccoons can be a bit aggressive and feisty, but it seems that Chief’s welcoming attitude makes them feel comfortable enough to be nice.

Despite their differences in species,


the four animals enjoy a big meal together and each other’s company.

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