Puppy With A Broken Leg Screamed For Help On The Street

When The Penguin got a call about a poor puppy in need of help, some rescuers immediately came to save the pup. The poor soul was painful because his femur was broken. He screamed in panic on the street with the hope that someone would come to save him. Thankfully, some locals spotted him just in time and called The Penguin for help.

With the help of the locals, the rescue team quickly found the pup’s place. However, when the boy saw the rescuers, he was scared and tried to run away. Sadly, his broken leg stopped him from doing that. One of the rescuers tried to approach him and comfort him with warm hugs.

He wanted to let the pup know that he would not harm him and would help him.

After getting the pup, the team called him Benny and quickly took him to a vet clinic for a check-up. Due to living on the streets for many days, the boy was malnourished and weak.

The vets gave him sea water and X-rays to check on his broken leg. The results showed that he suffered a broken femur and required emergency surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was successful.

Benny is now being cared for in the clinic and is on the road to recovery.


He is now able to get up and walk on his feet. We are happy to know that he is having a happy life. Not only does he have great people who take care of him, but he also has a best friend named Red. We hope that his life will be full of love and joy forever.

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