Rescuers rushed to rescue the dog, which was fed by the neighbour’s children

It’s really terrible what some people do to innocent animals. What a group of neighborhood kids have done with a helpless one year old puppy in Philadelphia is incredible. At least the story has a happy ending. A dog named Peanut was found lying on the sidewalk.

When an animal control officer from the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Group (ACCT) approached the puppy and called him, the dog did not move. Even if the animal control officer touches her, she will not. “However, she was still breathing; In fact, he was breathing heavily.

At the time, he did not know this, but Peanuts (as the dog was soon named) was injected with cocaine. His tired heart was beating very fast. and she was probably very frightened and confused. They took her to an animal shelter, the Faithful Friends Animal Association.


When he arrived, he was very sedated and still had minimal reactions. The team immediately began testing blood and fluids and consoled the poor girl by giving her the love she needed and deserved. her, but they knew they had to act quickly. The dog could not even stand, walked a little, did not eat or drink. She stood, breathing heavily, surrounded by people who were struggling to save her.


The peanuts were taken to Windcrest, the nearest animal hospital, for further care and drug testing. At the time the results were received, peanuts tested positive for cocaine and THC. “Sweet Peanut spent a long night in intensive care and fought for her life,” wrote Faithful Friends in a Peanut video on their Facebook page. the next morning, ”the guardians explained.“His tremor did not go away completely, but now he can stand, walk, eat.


Her attention was drawn [from Windcrest] back to Faithful Friends, where she received constant help, continued drinking and was monitored. In the end, they discovered that they had found Peanuts near a famous pharmacy. After being picked up, local residents informed the authorities that the neighbour’s children had drugged the poor dog. “Our veterinarians have never witnessed such substance abuse.


It’s heartbreaking. Through constant infusions of water and attention throughout the day, they got it, ”says Rentz. Was able to remove drugs from the body of Peanuts. After a few days she was fine. “” The fact that she was only a year old worked in her favor, because her body was very strong.

Peanut’s brain was also very tough.Despite everything that happened, Peanuts remained playful and caring about the staff. He especially enjoys playing football. “She stole the hearts of all the vets and techies here. As soon as the drugs began to leave her body, it could be seen, ”said Rentz.

Peanut has been renamed Suzi to open up a new and better life. As soon as her story went viral, she was adopted. We are glad that Suzy is in good shape and we are grateful to our loyal friends. “The Animal Society and ACCT saved her life.

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