Rottweiler Locks Eyes With Man Who Just Lost Dog And Goes Over To Comfort Him

Being yourself is the best way to be happy AND to make the people around you happy! Nobody wants the fake version of you and learning to lean into your own happiness is often something that we pursue too late in life. For dogs, however, that’s not much of a problem

We all know that in a loving and stable home, a dog has no qualms about being loving to anyone who crosses their path.

There are lots of reasons to get a dog, but for most of us, the real reason we have a furry friend is because they are the best and most loving creatures on the planet! In a healthy environment, you can never outlove a dog who loves you – it’s a very special thing.

Nato is a Rottweiler who has made an impact on so many people already. Aside from just loving his owner, Nato has the ability to see if someone needs a little extra love – even if they are a stranger.Dan McPierson and his dog, Nato, were at the park when something amazing happened.

Humans usually don’t interrupt each other while going about our daily business. We don’t want to seem rude or prying, so we just let people to their own devices usually. As such, we don’t often pay attention to the people around us and are in our own little worlds.


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