Sailors Rescue Puppy Trapped On An Iceberg

Dogs are curious creatures, and sometimes, this curiosity can land them in a little bit of trouble.

Take Aika for example. This 1-year-old Samoyed decided to go exploring but ended up wandering a little too far from her Russian village close to the Arctic Circle.

As a result, she soon became stranded, trapped on some floating ice.

It could’ve been a very dangerous and disastrous situation for the fluffy white pooch, but luckily for her, there was help on the horizon.

A group of Russian sailors were on an icebreaker when they noticed the white dog trapped on the ice.

They knew that they couldn’t leave her to die, so they attempted to rescue her. The sailors dropped a ladder down to her and called her over.

The pooch was only too happy to see help. With her tail wagging, she managed to go to the ladder and climb up to the deck of the ship.

Once safely on board, the sailors warmed her up and gave her some food.

Meanwhile, they also managed to track down her worried owners, and eventually, they helped Aika reunite with her person.


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