Shelter Dog Kept Getting Rejected, So He Made His Own Bed To Show He’s ‘A Good Boy’

This was the heartbreaking case for this Pitbull dog who was beginning to doubt himself until he decided to take matters into his own paws and prove everyone wrong. Rush, a lovely Pitbull didn’t know the joy of staying with a lovely family until SISCA Pet Adoption Center took him in, and this is when his loneliness would finally come to an end.

Being a kind and loving dog, Rush thought one thing, he would get a lovely family to adopt him pretty fast. But Rush quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be that straight forward. The days went by and Rush was never got picked.

Pitbulls have a bad rap sheet and people constantly assume these dogs are dangerous and aggressive, but Rush was the complete opposite.

When everyone pictures you as a bad dog before they’ve even met you, it can be difficult for people to truly see who you are. Rush wasn’t about to give up easily though and he decided that he was going to prove to everyone that he was a good boy and worthy of adoption.

Image Credits: SICSA Pet Adoption Center

One day shelter workers walked past Rush’s kennel and saw a shocking sight. Rush was making his own bed! Rush had started making his bed every single day. One day a shelter worker decided to shoot a video of Rush’s unique behavior. They shot about a minute of footage of Rush carefully moving his blanket around.

“[Rush] makes his bed every day at an animal shelter while he waits for a family to adopt him,” SICSA wrote on Facebook. “He’s been waiting for over 30 days.”

Image Credits: SICSA Pet Adoption Center

Rush’s determination would finally pay off! SICSA put the video on YouTube and to their surprise, it quickly went viral, receiving over a million views. SICSA posted a cute photo to its Facebook page celebrating its internet-famous pup.

The shelter received tons of requests from news agencies who wanted to feature Rush. The shelter used this platform to talk about why pit bulls make such great pets.

Image Credits: SICSA Pet Adoption Center

“There are a lot of negative stereotypes about the American pit bull. If we were able to highlight the cute cuddly points of Rush, then we can help people look beyond the pit bull label,” Nora Vondrell, executive director of SICSA, Ohio, told ABC News.

With all the attention, it wasn’t long before the perfect adopters came to see Rush.

Image Credits: SICSA Pet Adoption Center

In a video, the husband and wife explained that they’d lost their dog earlier that year. They weren’t sure if they were ready for a new dog, but when the husband saw Rush’s story on the news and his wife saw it online they knew it was fate speaking.

The wife texted her husband excitedly and said, ‘I think I want him.’ Her husband was ready for another dog too, and so after work, they headed right over to SICSA to see if Rush was still available and soon after they adopted Rush and gave him his forever home.

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