Smart dog sneaks into McDonald’s and pretends to be homeless to get free hamburgers

This clever little dog has come up with the perfect plan to stick his paw into the McDonald’s burger he craves: it just pretends to be lost and makes everyone feel sympathetic. McDonald’s in Oklahoma and asked people to try their burgers.

Many unsuspecting and friendly customers fell in love with the princess’s trick, feeling sorry for the “lost” dog and sharing their food with her. Wrong car: owner. Of course, everyone found the princess’s plan amusing, and her story quickly went viral on the Internet.

And McDonald’s, willing to help Reyes with his misbehaving little crook, gave the puppy his very own McDonald’s collar, intelligently equipped with GPS, to Reyes.

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The night princess burger scheme crashed on him, luckily he’s immortalized on camera and in a hilarious moment the dog will recognize. Reyes realizes that he made you too happy.

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