Social Media’s Favorite Pug Just Got A Little More Famous

Pugs and bulldogs always seem to be up to no good.. or lots of good, depending on how you look at it! Their faces are particularly expressive, and whenever they get into odd situations, it’s nothing but laughs. One pug that we’ve fallen in love with lately is none other than Doug The Pug. This crafty little fur ball became famous when one of his videos went viral in 2014, and it was love at pug site all across the internet!

From starring in “Stranger Pugs” (and ode to “Stranger Things”) and “Hocus Pugus” (an ode to “Hocus Pocus”), to chilling in a pile of blankets, to playing Xbox, this pug has a busy life. With over 2.9 million Instagram followers and 6 million Facebook fans, he has certainly become a top dog! He has even won the Instagrammer of the Year award at the 2017 Shorty Awards. Check out his shenanigans on Instagram at @itsdougthepug.

Doug’s fame goes far beyond the walls of his social media accounts, though. Believe it or not, this dog is a celebrity in the music world, too. He’s starred in music videos for Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, and DNCE. He even has a New York Time’s Best Selling book!

That’s why we’re not surprised by this pup’s next big claim to fame: becoming an American Greetings Ecard celebrity!

That’s right, social media’s favorite pug now has his very own Ecard line, giving you a glimpse into the #puglife. From plush bath robes and sweet rides to a total lax day out on the water, Doug is living the fancy life, and he’s ready for you to share those vibes with your friends and family for your next special occasion.

So far, Doug has three video Ecards, two to offer the best of birthday wishes and one to offer gratitude. They can all be found on the American Greetings website.

Doug’s “Fancy Birthday” Ecard is all about the finer things in life, and who doesn’t want that for their birthday?

His “Reggae Birthday” Ecard is for that person in your life who just wants to spend their birthday lying on the beach, playing in the surf, and relaxing under the sun.

Last but not least, his “Gratitude Attitude” Ecard is sure to put a smile on the face of that someone who did something special for you!

Make sure to check out the Doug the Pug Ecards on American Greeting’s website. Their cuteness cannot be properly shared in the above photos! With the various scenes Doug shares in the videos, they are sure to bring you lots of laughs!

Ready to jump into the #puglife with Doug? To share some puppy love, American Greetings is currently offering a free 7-day trial of, which would give you access to Doug’s line of Ecards! With the holidays approaching, we’re thinking Doug’s “Gratitude Attitude” Ecard may be the perfect way to send a “thank you.”

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