Stolen Truck Involved In High-Speed Chase Had A Dog Trapped Inside

It always helps to expect the unexpected, and that is what the owners of a truck should have done before it got stolen.

It seems as if thieves took off in the truck and didn’t know that a dog was in the truck with them. The pooch went on a high-speed car chase through Maine.

Joseph Oldenburg must’ve thought it was a good idea to jump in the truck and take off. It happened around six in the evening when he jumped in the Ford F-150 parked in front of a grocery store.

In the passenger seat was his accomplice, Macy Jones. Both of them were in their 20s, according to a local news station.

Inside the truck was a Bernese Mountain dog named Finn. The local police said they found the truck abandoned at a later time but the dog was missing.

They think that both of the car thieves got away on foot but they didn’t get far before they were in police custody.

The news station then confirmed the dog was found and was safe. It is possible that the car thieves let the dog out at another location as they were running from the police.


Both of them are up on charges, with Oldenburg being charged with felony alluding, refusal to submit to arrest, reckless conduct, theft by unauthorized use of property, and cruelty to animals.

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