15 Adorable Doggos Showing Off Their ‘Toofers’

Kids aren’t the only ones with adorable smiles. If you’re a dog owner, perhaps you’ve noticed that they can have cute, toothy grins as well. And since dogs can be our babies – naturally we’re gonna take lots of videos and photos of them looking their best.You likely chuckle and say “aww” over your own dog’s sweet or goofy smile.

But thanks to the internet, we’re able to enjoy TONS of photos of dogs showing off their “toofers.” (As you probably guessed, toofers is a silly alternative name for teeth.)

Below you’ll find 15 photos that’ll brighten your day. I mean, how could you not smile at these doggos and their toofers?

1. Like human, like doggie
Is there anything cuter than dogs matching their humans? These two are both giving the cameras big smiles. Of course, the dog’s smile is a little goofier than that of the owners.

2. Isn’t she precious?
Daisy, the dog enjoys showing off her teeth in a big doggy grin. She might look a little silly, but we won’t tell her. As far as we’re concerned, she’s the most beautiful dog of them all.

3. The adorable table chomper
Seeing how much this pup enjoys chewing the table, you have to wonder if those scratches are his work. But who could be mad at such a sweet little face?

Source: Imgur/OctopussSevenTwo

4. A dog that knows how to say “cheese”
Not everyone has the most photogenic smile, neither humans or dogs. But beauty comes from the inside. As long as you’re confident, then your smile will be, too.

5. Give her anything she wants
Forget puppy dog eyes. This pooch figured out a whole routine for making her owners give her whatever she wants. I think it’s going to work.

6. Photo props and all
Sure, it’s technically a dog toy, but with a little imagination, it can become anything. You know what? If the dog’s happy, that toy can be whatever he wants.

7. Those are some teeny-weeny teeth
When this dog saw the camera come out, he immediately flashed his most charming smile. Who could resist such a handsome boy? He ought to be the poster pup for the whole subreddit.

8. He’s so scary
This little guy would like everyone to know he’s quite fearsome and scary, thank you very much. He might be tiny, but remember, he descended from wolves.

9. On a whole other level
You’ve seen fierce dog toofers and silly dog toofers. Now we present the ultimate in doggie toofer goals: the stolen dentures.

10. Tongues out for belly rubs
This dog’s enjoying her belly rub so much it’s a little unnerving. It’s not her fault she looks like a ravenous wolverine. We’d still pet her belly anyway.

11. When you can’t stop laughing
This dog looks as though he just heard a hilarious joke and can’t stop laughing long enough to take a picture. Come to think of it, this is what I look like while scrolling through memes at 3 a.m.

12. Turn that frown upside-down
Duncan the dog enjoys showing off his upside-down teeth. It might look a little unnerving, but we know it’s all in good fun. Everybody needs a dog like Duncan.

13. How can you say “no” to a face like this?
Some dogs at the animal shelter leave an immediate impression, even if you can’t take them home. Just take this guy, who’s still working on his “I’m sweet and adoptable” expression.

14. Big smiles from the birthday boy
Some people aren’t fans of their birthday, but this happy boy doesn’t belong to that group. Today is his first birthday and he’s showing off his teeth to celebrate.

15. Smiles on graduation day
Everyone wants to take a good graduation photo to help commemorate a big day in their life. Thankfully, this pup was on point with a great smile.

We hope these dogs and their “toofers” had you grinning from ear to ear!

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