20 interesting reasons why you should “reconsider” the acquisition of a German shepherd

Adopting a dog is an important decision, but adopting any pet is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly, and when you have a dog, you should consider the fact that you will have to make a little lifestyle change. You should walk every day, take care of the dog, and generally be more active.

After all, dealing with a dog’s turbulent energy can be very exhausting for a human. However, for most people it is worth it, but you have to be informed about all dog breeds in order to make an informed decision, so if you are thinking of buying a German Shepherd Dog,

we have so much 100% accurate information for you that It can make you rethink. perfect for everyone.

#1 They are always sleepy, and will sleep while eating their food.

#2 They are not at all coordinated and will mess everything up.

#3 German shepherds will never look cute no matter what you do.

#4 They are unable to travel anywhere making them a horrible fit for travel enthusiasts.

#5 They won’t let you work in peace and hound you.

#6 You won’t get a good night’s sleep when they are in the same room.

#7 They are very scary and don’t love humans as much.

#8 They will try to eat everything and their snout can sometimes get in the way of that.

#9 Even as puppies, they will not look cute and will scare everyone away.

#10 They don’t make good companions and will not calm you down.

All in all, there are a lot of reasons German Shepherds are not right for everyone. There is a very good reason police officers only have german shepherds and not any other breed. It’s because of how scary they look and that’s about it. I mean just look at that face? How could anyone find it utterly adorable?

#11 They will harm your other pets if left alone with them.

#12 Their ‘smile’ will send shivers down your spine because of how scary it is.

#13 They will ruin everything by trying to sit in or on it.

#14 You should never leave your baby alone with them or they will start loving the baby more than you.

#15 German Shepherds have a very chaotic energy and will ruin everything.

#16 They sometimes come broken and you have to assemble them yourself.

#17 People will run the other way with fear if they see a German Shepherd coming towards them.

#18 They are scary creatures and always need to wear a muzzle.

#19 Sometimes German Shepherds will get confused by their own kinds antics as well so not very smart overall.

#20 And as we said before, they are not cute at all no matter which way you look at them.

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