48-Year-Old Orangutan Gives Pregnant Mom A Kiss

You don’t have to believe in evolution to see that different types of primates have a lot in common with humans. Some of them share similar facial features but even more impressive, personalities and character traits, too. One way we know this is from all of the adorable videos that people post online about their trip to the zoo.

Take the orangutan, for example, this animal is a lot more like people than most realize. Not only do they both age the same but there are also commonalities in their bones and brains. But when comparing an orangutan with a human, one thing, in particular, stands out.Of all primates, the orangutan is the only one that comes in second to human mothers.

A lot of experts believe this has to down with the amount of time they spend as juveniles with their moms. Typically, an orangutan stays close to its mother until around the age of eight before starting to become dependent.Unlike orangutan moms who dote on their babies, dads are quite different. Whether in the wild or captivity, they don’t typically have any direct involvement with their offspring’s upbringing.

So, what happened to one woman while visiting the Colchester Zoo in Essex took everyone by surprise.

Source: Unsplash/Chuttersnap

Visiting the zoo
This woman, who was quite pregnant at the time, decided to visit the zoo. And like many people, she couldn’t wait to reach the primate exhibit. Sure, it’s exciting to look at all the animals but at this zoo and others, the orangutans get a lot of attention.

Source: Unsplash/Dan Dennis

What happened there was so sweet and unusual that she didn’t hesitate to load a video of her experience online. In no time, it garnered more than 4.2 million views. People from all over the world were touched by what they witnessed.

Unique connection
As the pregnant woman stood before the glass barrier separating the visitors from the primates, she noticed one orangutan watching her. Then, the animal slowly made its way closer. Come to find out, this orangutan was a 48-year-old male.

Source: Unsplash/Bob Brewer

He was intrigued
In the video, you can hear the woman gently talking to the orangutan. She was surprised at how gentle he appeared despite his large size. For several minutes, this male just looked at the woman, or should we say … her belly.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Daily Picks and Flicks

All of the sudden, the orangutan pressed his lips to the glass. He took careful aim right at the woman’s very large stomach. That’s when he kissed her belly.

Incredibly touched
This orangutan’s gesture was so special that the woman teared up. With a big smile on her face, she couldn’t believe that this massive primate just kissed her belly through the glass. And the best part, it was all caught on video.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Daily Picks and Flicks

After learning that dad orangutans have no interest in their babies made what happened even more special. As to why this occurred, no one is sure. But for some reason, this male connected with the woman and her unborn child.

Although the internet is flooded with similar videos to this one, the fact that this was a male primate makes it stand out. If you want to watch a feel-good video, this is it. If you have children, you might share it with them, as well.

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