A dog rescued from battle wears its protective blanket everywhere.

The Pit Bull Bubby is just a puppy when used as bait in the dogfighting ring. By the time he was rescued, he was already physically and mentally damaged. He was very scared because his emaciated body was pierced and his whole body was covered with infection. His wound exuded a stench, and he was extremely withdrawn.

These deterrents ultimately pushed him to the list of killers. The baby was saved from death at the last minute, but his troubles were far from over. 2 months have passed. locked up in the garage like worthless junk. In the end, the woman found out about his plight and, without hesitation, adopted him.

Fatty is depressed and confused, sitting in her savior’s car, unaware that her life is about to change forever. Bubby receives love and care from her new mother for the first time.She gave him enough room to overcome his shyness and fear at his own pace, over the course of several months he amazed everyone with his remarkable physical and mental recovery.

Struck, he especially loves the woman who saved him, which ultimately manifests itself in deep separation. … … anxiety (understandable, given what happened). Mistress Bubby decided to put him in a cage to give him a sense of security and stability without her.

It was during this cage training that Bubby realized a new sense of comfort. Every morning he will come out of the box with a blanket and march around the house, wagging his tail cheerfully! Bubby’s blanket became his protective shield, reassuring him that everything was in order.

His injuries and nightmares have diminished. little by little, her sacred “sexual habits” remained largely intact. Over time, he also loves pillows, toys, and whatever else he likes.

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