A dog saved a stranger’s life during a catastrophic flood

Dogs are such wonderful and loyal animals. We have seen many stories of pets who banded together to help their owners when they were in danger and save their lives. The dog’s defensive instincts are so strong that they will even stand up to help the entire dog.

This was the case recently, when a dog rescued a young man who drowned during a severe flood. Humphreys County, Tennessee, experienced historic and disastrous flooding over the weekend, killing 22 and missing 12. According to WZTV, many pets were left unattended, and local shelters were quickly attacked by wild animals, causing them to struggle to find temporary shelters.

A dog named Cooper was one of the last displaced animals to be placed in a shelter, and the person who brought her inside shared an incredible story: the dog saved his life. According to the WTVF, the man had to cling to a power pole after receiving 17 inches of rain when Cooper, a dog he had never seen before, swam through flood waters.


Due to the additional support of the dog, he was able to endure, both humans and dogs survived this ordeal. Cooper was taken to the Waverley Animal Clinic.Its owners saw this in a social media post, and when they received it, a staff member told the story of his dog’s incredible heroic deeds.

Facebook/Zaneta Warren

“He said that this dog saved my life, swam up to me and made me cling,” Zaneta wrote. Warren on Facebook. She also said that the man Cooper saved was autistic. “He also held on to this child until the lifeboat caught up with them. Wonderful and obedient dog, she deserves steak and bacon!

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