A friendly pitbull offers his nursery for a pregnant wild cat and stands guard while she gives birth to her kittens.

Pit bulls are loving and loyal dogs who will do their best for their loved ones. Hades, a pit bull who lives with his family in Mexico, shows the world how big the heart of this breed is. , Juan José P. Flores, showing compassion for those in need. Flores noticed an elusive stray cat nearby, so he left the food to keep the cat from getting hungry.

He never expected Hades to befriend a small cat. Don’t let its name fool you, Hades is a gentle and lovable dog who saw a friend in trouble and offered him his home as a safe haven. Once Hades made such a fuss at the back door that Flores had to go see what caused all this fuss.

It turned out that his beloved dog wanted to show him something in his kennel. Inside, a wild cat lay on soft blankets. The cute dog proudly brags to his father that he gave his home to a pregnant wild cat.Hades never left his feline friend and stood guard in the kennel while the cat gave birth to two kittens.

“I think he felt like a father,” Flores told The Dodo. The kitten is fine. Flores said that when the kittens come of age, they will be placed in loving homes, but Nicole will always live with them.

The photo of the incident went viral and people couldn’t help but joke that even a cat joined it, only Flores, and wrote: “Gato took advantage of the fact that you didn’t have to pay your rent. Never mind the jokes, the dog’s gestures went unnoticed. , countless people praised Aida and commented on his charming face.

Flores shared her touching story in the hopes that people will see the dogs as adorable as they are. “Pit bulls are good dogs,” he said. “Hades puts everything aside to help others. We must do this without expecting anything in return.

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