A Homeless Man Sleeping With His Dog Is Proof That There Is Love Even In The Hardest Of Times

The Internet is a huge container of strange and funny pictures, but also of other less enjoyable and bland content.The good and bad part of such a large and often unfiltered instrument is knowing how to capture the reality of things, both in their hardness and their beauty.It happens that from time to time, among the many scenes that pass as faces in the windows on the screens of our cell phones, there are also some very moving that leave us speechless and invite us to reflect for a moment on what the real values of life are.

On Instagram, the image of a homeless man sleeping with his dog captured in a picture that contains both the sadness of poverty, but also the tenderness of love and the light of hope.As is often the case, everyone tends to see what they want, a bit like the Rorschach smudge test, where everyone projects what they really have inside.

Message Among the possible readings, one cannot help thinking that, although it is a representation of poverty and what it can mean to live on the street, this picture conveys an important message.The man and his friend rest in peace between the eyes of everyone, close together, giving affection and comfort to each other.

The stranger is homeless on the street but can count on the unconditional love of a faithful friend, a wingless but four-legged guardian angel.The dog next to him doesn’t care if his human companion isn’t rich if he can’t guarantee shelter or food for him – he is and will stay there for his owner, no matter what.

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