A man sees a dog alone at a gas station with a note on the tag

A man named Tyler Wilson from Louisville, Kentucky performs his day-to-day duties, including refueling his car. Wilson drove to a gas station, got out of the car, and started refueling. However, when he pulled away from the bomb, he saw a dog roaming his way.

Although the tags on the dog’s neck indicate the dog’s name as Rosa, there is no identification number. However, there was a short message at the bottom of the card: since the meeting seemed strange to Wilson, he posted an image on Twitter and Facebook, which, of course, went viral.


Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

Handsome in himself, and Dew himself is definitely a handsome boy.Here’s an outstanding pose: in the end, Wilson tells Dew to go home, and they split up. Shortly thereafter, Wilson posted his Dew photos on Twitter, and they went viral with over 260,000 likes and 101,000 retweets.


Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

Wandering Mist! After watching Dew become incredibly popular on the Internet, his employer created a separate Facebook account to document his travels.


Source: Twitter / 502_Wilson

For those of you interested, this little man can be found at Dew’s Adventures. Since then, Dew’s owners have been diligently telling their thousands of fans about his life.

Source: Facebook/Dew’s Adventures

Dew spends his days with his loved ones and his heart is still wandering. But what matters is that he always comes home. It seems that this is not so much a story as it will appeal to animal lovers for a number of reasons.

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