A person who goes to work and abandons a dog with a leash around his nose is ultimately banned from keeping the animals for 2 years.

Earlier this year in South Australia, an 11-month-old German shepherd named Chloe was gagged by a bridle tied to her face. truth. Chloe was in a panic and tried to breathe, but luckily, a worried passerby freed her from the cables. They quickly gave him some water to cool off in the pool.

Its owner tried to justify it. his actions when he said he just forgot to untie the cable tie before going to work that morning. The man was fined $ 200 a month for 15 months, ordered to pay $ 1,600 in veterinary services and legal fees, and banned from keeping any animals for two years.

He lives in a loving family and will never see his former master again.

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