A veteran’s service dog is released in intensive care

Imagine having an accident and waking up with terrible news: your dog has been given away and you don’t know who. In Florida, a veteran’s life collapsed after he lost the only thing that gave him a reason to move on: his loyalty. Service dog named Sandy Girl.

Larry Peteet is an Air Force veteran suffering from PTSD. To overcome this condition, he got a service dog who gave him emotional support. They’ve been inseparable since then, and Sandy Girl had been with her for nearly a decade. At the time, Larry Peteet was driving when he was suffering from heart problems.

Sandy was with him then, as always. After the first responders got to their location, they asked Peteet if there was a place Sandy could stay. They haven’t been able to take her to the hospital for a while. Sandy was later entrusted to one of Peteet’s neighbors while she was recovering.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – WFLA News Channel 8

Peteet returned home three days later, knowing that Sandy was fine.He was excited to see his little girl after days without her, but instead of celebrating his recovery he was faced with bad news, Sandy wasn’t with her neighbor, the neighbor mistakenly reported Sandy and they don’t know where she is. . “When it first happened it was all I could do – don’t freak out and lose my mind.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – WFLA News Channel 8

He told WFLA News in a shaky voice. Peteet also explained how much Sandy meant to him. He saw her as the love of his life and as a constant companion in his difficult moments. Sandy was his livelihood and the one who made him take care of him. Above All One can only imagine the pain of being crushed with the only thing left.Since then, Peteet has searched for Sandy every day, filed a complaint with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, distributed leaflets, looked for Sandy nearby, and even checked her microchip for clues.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – WFLA News Channel 8

During his search, he came across Jamie Katz, an animal detective from Fort Lauderdale. Katz is a private investigator who specializes in missing pets. With her help and the information on the local news, Peteet finally got the break it was. 22 days after the split, Katz received a call from someone named Steve.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – WFLA News Channel 8

In his Facebook post, Steve stated that Sandy was given to him because she was abandoned. When his boss saw the news about Peteet, Katz called and reported the protagonist. The emotional reunion was uploaded to YouTube and showed how much the two miss each other.Peteet wasn’t even close to Sandy, but the bitch’s ears and body stood up as if she already knew who was coming.

He ran to the edge of the enclosure because he just couldn’t hold back his excitement. With longing hugs and drooling kisses. , Sandy is home and Peteet can finally sit back and relax knowing that his best friend is back by his side.

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