Abandoned German Shepherd Waits For Her Owners To Come Back

A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue was notified of a dog who’d been abandoned. The poor dog had been left behind and remained on the streets, waiting for her owners to come back – a day that would never come.Danny with the animal rescue went to Oildale, California in an attempt to rescue the abandoned German Shepherd, who they named Shelly, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

While Shelly was staying in the general area she’d been abandoned, she was hesitant to let anyone come near her. Danny found her lying in the shade of a churchyard where she’d been reportedly hanging out for quite some time, but she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her.Whenever Danny would try to get close, Shelly would dart away. The surrounding roads were busy with traffic and Danny was terrified she’d get hit by a car. “No, no, no. Hurry up,” he said as he watched her dart into the road.

Eventually, he realized that trying to catch Shelly was just putting her in more danger by scaring her into the roads. Others who lived in the area had tried to help the dog before him, but none could successfully get her to stay in one place long enough to get a leash on.Thankfully, Shelly managed to dodge traffic and survive on the streets for weeks without getting hit by a car. Eventually, she caught the attention of Karen Mitchell O’Neil, a local rescuer with A Safefurr Place.

O’Neil had saved numerous stray dogs from the streets and she knew the ins and outs of winning their trust. Within a day, she had Shelly leashed and to safety!


Despite being so skittish from afar, Shelly ended up being quite loving and playful. After she realized her rescuers were there to help her, so totally gave in and opened up to them.


They discovered Shelly is affectionate, loves walks, playing, and gets along great with other dogs.


She finally has a chance at a new life with a loving forever home that won’t ever abandon her, thanks to the rescuers’ efforts.

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