Adorable Husky Demands That Her Dad Gives Her Some Love

Dogs love getting attention and affection from their owners. This is particularly true for Siberian Huskies. These dogs are known for their big personalities and their stubbornness. When they want something, they won’t stop until they get it.

The description by the channel Poke My Heart gives you an idea of what’s going on.

“As this guy and his dog, Millie sat together on the couch, Millie tapped him on the shoulder for attention. After some rubs and kisses, he continued to watch the television. Millie then laid her head on his lap and then he cradled Millie like a baby for more love and affection.”

Millie’s dad seems pretty absorbed by what he’s watching but like any good dad, he is able to shift his attention to his “child” when needed.

You can see him rubbing her chest as she blinks gently. Dad then turns back to the television with his hand still on her furry chest.

This pretty Husky seems content. Her eyes are so gentle and she looks like she’s in heaven.

Dad may have needed to rest his hand because he stops rubbing her and gives his full attention to what he’s watching. Millie seems confused for a moment.

She looks at the screen then after a few seconds, turns to her dad and taps him with a paw.
He turns to her and looking apologetic, he rubs her again and gives her the sweetest kiss on her snout. They are both so sweet even the woman filming them giggles and goes, “Oooh.” We did too.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After the exchange, Millie rests her head on her human dad’s lap and he rests his arm on her whilst rubbing her back. Look at Millie’s eyes!

Dad can’t resist her wiles.
After only a short time of Millie resting on his lap, he positions himself to lift her. She gladly lets him and ends up being cradled like a baby on her human’s lap. That’s one spoiled dog.

Dad and Millie have nearly 4.5 million views and the comments are full of praises.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“This Husky is different from all the others he doesn’t back talk – while this one seems to been loved so much he his calm and affectionate. Obviously, this owner got it down pat! Good Job – dad!”

This is so true as Huskies are known to “talk back” and are constantly on the move.

Siberian Huskies are known to be amiable, loyal, and mischievous. They can be very energetic and vocal and really enjoy having a family.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

It’s all good for Millie, then.
She is very loyal to her “pack” and is very showy regarding her undying affection for her dad. She spends the rest of the time cradled and just gives kisses after kisses to her loving dad.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Millie the Husky is a cute and funny dog who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. And as can be seen in this video, her methods are very effective.

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